Jwaneng Galaxy FC Challenges

Funding remains a vital part of football development, inclusive growth and sustainability. With a weaker balance sheet, the following challenges have been imminent since the inception of the club.

Technical sponsorship

We are in need of technical support regarding training kits, travelling kits, tracksuits, winter jackets, soccer boots and trainers.

Accommodation & Administration Facilities

Acute property rental charges in Jwaneng remain our biggest challenge with substantial amount of the team financial budget directed to player accommodation, camping facility as well as office space.

Training Facilities

Training facilities being different from match day facilities. i.e. training on hard ground and playing on turf during league games.

Incentives For Players And Technical Team

Incentives are part of the extrinsic motivation for all the personnel in the team and are instrumental in bringing the success of the team, as well as for smooth recruitment & retention purposes.

Transport & Travelling Costs

Limited number of vehicles in the team affects the daily operation of the club and we face challenges of providing meals and camping/hotel costs when travelling.

Youth Development Structure

The team youth development structures are still in the infancy stage and require intensive capital to supplement the Jwaneng Galaxy FC business model.



Jwaneng Galaxy Football Club offers rich and varied opportunities for sponsors and supporters of every type, size and interest.

Jwaneng Galaxy Football Club enjoys successful strategic partnerships with the business community in Jwaneng and surrounding areas, bringing together managing directors, senior and middle managements, as well as thousands of employees, supporters in a single platform.

JGFC provides a wide range of sponsor packages tailored to the budget and business objectives of the sponsor. Details of each options are provided here, however all options can be modified and made specific to meet the needs of the sponsor.



Company Logo-prominent position in the following;
Team Replicas.
Team official 2017/18 Kits.
Team warm up 2017/2018 Kits.
Media room wall banners.
Posters, PowerPoint’s, team official printed and electronic communications, and advertising media.
Transit advertising (official team bus & executive vehicle).

Complimentary Entries for all the team home games.

Signage rights at all home games.
Parameter boards.

VIP Tickets to the end of the season Awards, Dinners & Breakfast briefings.

Activation & promotion space at the Galaxy stadium.
Provide an opportunity to strengthen the visibility of the brand.
Engage with the potential customers in a fun and cool way for fresh perspective on the brand offerings.
Drive conversation, brand awareness and build connection with the customers.

Extensive coverage in all our integrated digital media platforms (Facebook, etc).

Sponsorship of three awards of choice at the awards celebrations.

Sponsored awards presentation by company representative.

Exposure at all team home game promotional events.
Tap into the supporters’ vibrancy to promote visibility of the product.
Build long term memory of the product through promotional activities.

Extensive Media Coverage during the games, press conference & games build-up.

Introductions to the EXCO, strategic partners, and representatives from the headline sponsor.

Company representative to present sponsored awards at the awards celebration.


Jwaneng galaxy has always enjoyed a strong support from the business community and the team long term relationship with the business community forms the main part of its strategic sustainability plan. Over the years we have seen the commitment of various companies in the community that have pledged their financial and non-financial support to the team.