Galaxy Shop

The shop located in the central business centre of Jwaneng is an integral part of the club empowerment and sustainability initiatives. It was set up in 2017 and the ultimate goal is to have something in the community that the supporters can identify with and at the same time give our supporters and the community an open door to interact with the galaxy brand. The club always wants to do things differently, consistently involving supporters all over the country.


Jwaneng Galaxy sport shop has been established as a retail wing that provides a complete merchandising offering. The store is situated in the center of Jwaneng at the former farm fresh store which is opposite the Jwaneng Town council offices. As the demographics indicate, the target customers participate in more than one sport, hence the need to provide the customers with a retail stop centre that offers a complete selection of multi sportswear under one roof.

Galaxy Shop Merchandise

Be sure to find the following types of Jwaneng Galaxy FC branded merchandise as well as some merchandise from popular brands.

A full range of kids’ kits and footballs for kids
Exclusive range of tops, ties, cufflinks, scuffs, hoods, caps, etc
Key rings, stickers, bags and other accessories
All sporting equipment that are in Jwaneng and surroundings
Team’s Replicas, tracksuits, soccer boots, trainers, flip flops
Provide corporate wear and casual wear.

Available Popular Brands